Crit Club
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Crit Club is a forum for people to discuss personal projects they’ve been working on. The idea developed after noticing we missed the informal educational setting experienced while studying at SVA. We’re interested in fostering a space where people can show their ideas with the intention of growing, understanding and advancing these ideas through discussion.

The process is meant to be cyclical; it should help you understand your own project, help others discover what is interesting about the work their exploring, and push you to continue pursuing your interests.

Crit Club is intended to be dynamic. It’s form will change from session to session. This is an experiment to bring together individuals so we can grow together.


We’ll have a television connected to a macbook pro for digital work to be shown. We’ll also have a wall where you can post physical work. We'll have some refreshments and snacks too.

There will be a specially designed ’poster’ for each session explaining when and where Crit Club will be happening. Visit for info.

This is all we have figured out so far ☺

XOXO — Crit Club


Who's invited?
Anyone who is persuing a side project they're interested in. They can be conventional or more experimental / harder to classify. We're interested in seeing people persue passion projects, but client work is A-ok to show too 👌.

Does what I bring need to be 'Graphic Design'?
God no! It can be whatever you're interested in right now. Maybe you're working on a photo series, or a group of zines, or a sculpture, or want to give a presentation on rocket fuel... Bring in whatever you're spending your free time on. More importantly, bring in whatever you're really interested in an excited about.

If I attend one session, do I have to attend every session?
No, this isn't a subscription. You're not tied down to joining every session. We would actually rather spend time with people excited about the discourse, so if you dont want to join you don't have to. Feeling forced to do things is never fun, and this shouldn't feel like work or an obligation.

What if I don't have a project just yet?
No worries, you can drop by to see what other people are up to and participate in the critique, with hopes that the group inspires you to get working on something for yourself. No trolling though, please

Is Crit Club free?
Yes, Crit Club is free. If it get's too big for our apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and we need to find a venue we might start taking donations.

Will this bring me back to the days where I would want to cry after a critique in class?
This isn't a race. Our intention isn't competition. This is an ego free space. We're here to encourage, give feedback and support. We just want to see people making rad stuff, and we want to see everyone helping eachother get to a higher place.

Who are you?
Crit club was conceived by partners Philip DiBello and Liz Klein. We're a pair of designers that met while studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.